It is a well-known fact that a company cannot grow, develop and be competitive if it does not pay close attention to product and service quality and ensure its continuity. Quality use compliance can be defined as providing the right ingredients for the right product. Özler Kablo sees providing the highest quality and the best service to its customers as its biggest responsibility. We; As a group, we consider our product quality as valuable as our valued customers. In addition, we attach importance to providing the most accurate and best products for your private use. For us, customer satisfaction can only be achieved by paying attention to the following 5 factors:

1. Product Quality: Özler Kablo considers providing the best product and service as its most important responsibility. Özler Kablo works with the best engineers who are committed to achieving excellence as well as compliance with standards in order to make the trust of its customers sustainable.

2. Service Quality: Özler Kablo sees it as its greatest duty to inform you about the products, to help you choose the right product for your special applications, and to facilitate the sales process meticulously for you. We are aware that all these qualities are important for achieving absolute customer satisfaction.

3. Reliability: Reliability develops depending on the manufacturing process and the after-sales service carried out afterwards. Our aim is to deliver the best product to our customers - which means that there is no problem or defect arising from material and production for us - with perfect service. In order to maintain and protect your trust in our company, Özler Kablo; It carefully controls the production process. At Özler Kablo, all steps of the production process are tested and production is continued by making sure that the process runs flawlessly. Our engineers strictly follow quality assurance procedures to ensure long-term reliability. We are aware that the reliability of the products is the most important feature, considering the possibility that the cables will be installed in hard-to-reach places in the future. Özler Kablo's quality assurance department works hard to protect this feature.

4. Cable Performance: The highest cable performance can only be achieved by companies that value technological investments and see them as an active value for future development. For this purpose, Özler Kablo engineers follow the latest developments in conductors, insulation and protective materials. Our experience in application requirements in the countries we export to gives us the advantage of the best performance in our products and the service of the most suitable cable for the needs of our customers. In line with your needs, Özler Kablo provides you with featured cables, cables with little or no smoke emission, or products resistant to corrosion, abrasion or impacts.

5. Security Özler Kablo closely monitors the technological developments and regulations in the sector in order to prevent the dangers that may occur in the use of its products. It is aware of the importance of using the best raw material delivered to the production facility with appropriate test certificates. The raw materials and auxiliary materials tested in this way are taken to the production site in full compliance with the standards. As a result of strict applications, Özler Kablo's products are put into use free of anything that may be harmful to health. Quality Management System has been certified according to ISO 9001: Based on the importance given to quality, Özler Kablo's quality management system complies with ISO9001: 2000 International Quality System Standards and has been certified by NQA (National Quality Assurance). It is a company accredited by NQA UKAS and ANAB (each of them are the national accreditation bodies of the UK and the United States separately). Approval from ISO 9001 International standards is an expression of the highest product quality of Özler Kablo and its full compliance with the specified standard requirements of all departments.

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